Nate Fugate

Freedom Home Buyers LLC

Services Offered

  • Foreclosure Specialist
  • Purchase Homes Quick
  • Purchase No Equity Properties
  • Purchase Upside Down Mortgages
  • Purchase Fixer Uppers
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Probate Experts


We started Freedom Home Buyers about 5 years ago for a pretty selfish reason, we wanted to buy houses to rent out, or fix and flip. Simple right? Just another average investor looking to buy houses. You see the signs, postcards, and Facebook ads and probably have even been called by some of these investors, right? One day, we started receiving calls from people who needed help with their properties, people who had nowhere else to turn. As it turns out, buying properties from people who need help the most is the most rewarding. We not only started purchasing homes, but we also started, helping them with moving costs, helping people move into assisted living, helping people with relocation and etc. It’s not just a job, a hobby or even just a program, it’s a passion! The best form of service is to give freely. We are now a service-based company that thrives at finding solutions for you and family when it comes to purchasing your home! You must be here because you have a house or property you need to sell, but you aren’t too excited about the hassles and fees that are attached to a traditional sale with a real estate agent. You may have even heard about those national tech companies now buying houses as well. At Michigan Home Buyers LLC, our “cash for your house” program fills the gaps that listing with a real estate agent and the tech giants don’t. We’re not real estate agents, we’re direct cash house buyers and buy several houses each month in the Southeast Michigan area. We’re local. Unlike other “ibuyers,” we’re local. We know the area well and can offer an informed and fair price rather than an autogenerated number from a machine. Our offers are guaranteed. When we make an offer, that’s the price we’ll pay. We’ve heard horror stories from clients of other less experienced home buyers or the tech giants making an attractive offer only to reduce their offer days later after “inspection”. Or even worse, we’ve purchased houses from local Southeast Michigan house sellers after a tech giant or fly-by-night buyer backed out at the last second.

Track record

  • Foreclosure Specialist. Freedom Home Buyers is unique in that we work with both buyers and sellers to facilitate deals in which everyone comes out ahead. We help local homeowners by offering a great price for their homes, stopping the foreclosure process almost immediately. Instead of losing their homes to the bank, homeowners are able to walk away from the frustrating property with a check in hand.


  • Purchase No Equity Properties. We have specialists dedicated to taking over your mortgage. This is a great option for sellers who recently purchased a home, who now needs to sell, or an upside down mortgage.


  • Purchase Fixer Uppers. We buy houses for cash, fix up the property to beautify the house and the neighborhood and find another happy homeowner to buy the house. The local house sellers we tend to work with usually need to sell their house fast… and the fastest way to sell a house is with a buyer who can pay cash. A cash house buyer helps you avoid having to wait for that buyer to get approved for the loan… and for that loan to work it’s way through the bank underwriting and funding process. If you’ve ever gotten a loan from a bank to buy a house, you know how long the process can take. If you don’t have the time to wait that long, that’s where we come in. We can buy your house for cash, close quickly, and we pay all of the closing costs and fees associated with fixing up the property. You get a quick, no-hassle sale. You get cash in your hand on the schedule you need (in as little as 7 days), and we get the chance to help improve the neighborhood by doing any repairs or upgrades the property needs and getting a new home owner into the house as soon as possible.


  • Probate Experts. We have Specialist dedicated to taking you through the probate process. When a loved one passes, it can be a difficult time for everyone. And although inheriting a house might seem like a wonderful way for a loved one to pass something of value on to you, it can also be a burden. Houses take a lot of work to maintain, keep clean, and keep up-to-date. If you’re thinking about selling an inherited house, or if you are still exploring your options.


Our Service Locations

We are helping homeowners in:

  • Washtenaw (MI)
  • Fulton (GA)
  • Whitfield (GA)
  • Madison (IN)
  • Marion (IN)
  • Lenawee (MI)
  • Oakland (MI)
  • Macomb (MI)
  • Ingham (MI)
  • Livingston (MI)
  • Kalamazoo (MI)
  • Wayne (MI)
  • Kent (MI)
  • Monroe (MI)
  • Alpena (MI)
  • Hamilton (OH)
  • Madison (OH)
  • Fairfield (OH)
  • Cuyahoga (OH)
  • Delaware (OH)
  • Lake (OH)
  • Muskingum (OH)
  • Columbiana (OH)
  • Charleston (SC)
  • Richland (SC)

We are deeply knowledgeable about the real estate markets in these areas, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

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