Scott Gee

Inland Empire Cash Home Buyer

Services Offered

  • We buy your home on YOUR terms.
  • We can rent your home back to you.
  • We help you get rid of your personal items.
  • Want top dollar? Listing Services available


Our Mission- To provide AFFORDABLE housing across Southern California. We are NOT buying your property to flip and make a quick buck. Most properties we purchase are to bring them back to their former beauty and find fantastic families that need an affordable place to call home and rent the property to them at under market value. There is such a huge shortage of affordable housing in Southern California that this is our way we want to give back to the community that we love.

Track record

  • Southern California Top Realtor Turned Investor

    2010 - 2024

  • 500th Home SOLD

    2018 - 2018

Our Service Locations

We’re investing in properties in these regions:

  • San Bernardino (CA)

Our vast experience and resources enable us to provide homeowners like you with the best real estate investment solutions.