Rob St John

Parks & River R.E. Solutions

Services Offered

  • The best price for your situation
  • No hidden fees or disclaimers
  • Approved network of buyers
  • Multiple solutions for every single homeowner


Selling your home just got a lot easier! All you have to do is submit your address and basic property info on our website, and present to you a custom detailed offer sheet. We want to provide you all of your selling options upfront. We’re going to work with you to choose what’s right for you.

Our Service Locations

With the best network of potential buyers, we are serving these regions:

  • Jefferson (KY)
  • Shelby (KY)
  • Nelson (KY)
  • Bullitt (KY)
  • Oldham (KY)
  • Spencer (KY)

Trust us to connect you with the right people for your home sale.